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Quotes 1. I wanted to learn to box for two reasons one, to get into really good shape and the other for a career. 2. The most challenging thing for learning by myself was not having those little tips and someone telling me if my punches are being thrown correctly 3.I cant think of anything right now the training seems to be going well i have a routine written down that i follow everyday thanks to the 11th boxing lesson you sent to me. Thank you so much for the free lessons they helped alot. 4.There were no issues on the website or the lessons. 5. I cant think of any ways to make this site better it was all very very good. I also liked the little jokes you put in. Again thank you very much for the lessons. Quotes

Quotes Hey Scotboxer, I just wanted to say thank you for the free boxing lessons. I've only just started, but they given me so much confidence. Not only can I feel my technique getting better, but I'm having fun and getting fitter. I've also managed to get my kids to train with me! Thanks again Quotes

Quotes hey so i am doing a speech about how to box and i been reading this page of fantastic information you have here so i was wondering are you a proffesional boxer yourself or a writer? i just want to know because people who are grading me dont understand boxing so they wants proof of eveything? Quotes

Quotes Hello, I subscribed your website and have been receiving boxing lessons. I have received 11 boxing lessons so far. And Man!!!! they are fantastic really helpful information and the website system is also great. Free and valuable information. As you asked me about my opinion, here it goes. Of those 11 lessons i liked Lesson 11 the most. As i am not a beginner and practiced boxing for a while, the first part of the lessons didn't interest me much. (but they are extremely helpful for beginners.) I am quite fine with my techniques but the problem is i don't have a RIGHT PLAN of my workout. I do this and that in my gym. Quite messy huh? Your boxing Lesson 11 gave me a quite workout plan which i was looking for. Here goes my complaint ( should i call it advice?) Anyway as i said above i liked Lesson 11 the most. But to be honest with you, I still don't quite get it. I must admit that your workout plans are very detailed. But i would like to know the sequence of those workout. Quotes

Quotes Hey... I would like some lessons... Please.. :) Quotes

Quotes Firstly I would like to say what a great and inspiring and underrated website this is. I'm completely new to boxing, I'm 17 years old and my goal is to immerse myself into boxing and become a well-respected boxer. Unfortunately my parents don't approve of boxing and won't let me train at a local boxing club. Instead I'm going to the gym 4 times a week to get fit. I want to ask you what is the most effective way for a boxer to develop fitness at a gym. Quotes

Quotes Great site. I often drop by. Quotes

Quotes Thank you very much for your lessons. I think that your lessons are very good and gradual structurate so that any person can learn basic from them. Quotes

Quotes I love your website and I am doing a speech on Boxing so I needed your information Quotes

Quotes Scotboxer..Thank you so much for your free boxing lessons. I highly recommend them to anyone else. Quotes