A Boxer's Meal Plan

Being strong and powerful is always going to be an advantage in boxing, but being too big or heavily muscled will definitely be a disadvantage too. While you need to be strong and powerful, you also need to be agile enough in order to make proper use of it. So developing a good meal plan is crucial for everyone involved in boxing.

Firstly, here's the complicated details - If you want to cut some body fat, it isan't possible to gain muscle at the same time as your energy reserves will be inadeqUate. You can't gain muscle mass while you are in energy defecit, in the same way as you can't lose body fat while you are in erergy surplus. So how do you do both?

Well the trick to achieve muscle growth while losing fat is to alternate your body between being in energy surplus, and energy defecit, at different times of the day, or in different days of the week. The only way to achieve that is through proper diet and exercise. Basically you will need to be in energy deficit for the day, but have excess calories for muscle growth in the hours after your boxing training.

Meals for boxer's should be small but regular and in order to keep your strength for training and fights, it is essential to keep your protein intake high. The key to effective fat loss lies in carefully manipulating your intake of carbohydrate foods, so your carb intake should be low, but not stopped altogether. Eat low glycaemic starchy carbohydrate foods regularly, but in small portions only, while avoiding any treats and junk food.

Following the meal plan below should keep your body fat down, but both your weight and cardio training must remain intense. You will be able to continue to train hard as your calorie intake will not be too low and you will have regular carbohydrates. Sparring, pad work or cycling will help you to achieve the results you want.

Try to up the intensity and make sure your boxing training and sparring is done on a different day, or at a different time of day to your weight training, so as not to interfere with the nutrients required for your strength gain.


8.00am breakfast

Large bowl of porridge made with 250ml skimmed milk + 2 tsp sugar

3 egg whites + 1 egg yolk scrambled
200ml of orange juice + 1 tbsp flaxseed oil


100g of chicken breast

2 oatcakes

Large banana



200g of tuna (canned in brine, drained) + 2 tbsp low fat natural yoghurt (to bind)

2 slices of granary bread toasted + olive oil-based spread

Tbsp of sunflower seeds

Mixed salad



A serving of MRP in water

(MRP = Meal Replacemant Providers, which are 'complete' nutrition commercial formulas containing high protein, moderate carbohydrate, essential fatty acids and all essential vitamins and minerals. They are an invaluable aid to the boxers and bodybuilders as they can be used to substitute one or more of the many meals he/she has to consume in a day. MRPs can be made up with water only or skimmed milk, and quality can vary between brands with many have additional ingredients. Although they are called 'meal replacements' they are not a substitute for all food, and no more than two or three per day maximum are suggested, replacing smaller meals rather than main meals. Most come in portion sachets, but some are available in tubs)

45 mins pre-workout

100g chicken breast

2 oatcakes

TRAIN – weights or fight training.

Immediately post workout

2 scoops whey protein


 150g white fish or 120g lean steak

3-4 small boiled new potatoes or 3-4 pieces sweet potatoes or

50g boiled basmati rice

Large serving of vegetables


 2 oatcakes + 40g low fat soft cheese

Celery, cucumber and/or raw carrot


150g cottage cheese

As with all the boxing meal plans, this is merely a guide and shouldn't be stuck to rigidly. A boxer must eat a variety of different meats/fish/alternatives, complex carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables every day, and drink plenty of water. Adapt the meal plan to suit your own needs according to your results in order to attain a steady loss of body fat, and respond to how you feel strength-wise. Varying portions from day to day, along with hard boxing training will help to maximise your progress.



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