Boxing Equipment

It Is Important To Use The Proper Boxing Equipment

In this section we will discuss the various pieces of boxing equipment and their use. Much of the equipment is designed for your own protection, everything from hand wraps, to all the different types of boxing gloves, head guards, gum-shields etc. Then we will go through what they are for and how to use them properly, so that you will gain the most benefit from all your hard work in the gym. Just standing there for ages and swinging your fists against a punch bag will not teach you much, except maybe new ways to damage your hands. You don't need to constantly hit a punch bag as hard as you possibly can either - Even if you know how to punch well, no one has ever KO'd any punch bag and you won't manage it either. 


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Luckily for your wallet, buying boxing equipment is not expensive, especially when you are first starting out. You do not need a whole lot of gear to begin with, what you do need you can buy once and it should last you a fairly long time if you buy quality equipment. There are plenty people out there who will tell you that you need to buy all the latest pieces of training equipment, as it's guaranteed to help you KO every opponent you face, don't listen to them!! All you really need to buy is some basic equipment, then add that to a lot of hard work and determination. In boxing, you are pretty much your own boxing equipment and a lot of the gear can be improvised anyway if your budget is really tight. Discount equipment is also widely available from many suppliers.

Generally speaking, the boxing gear and supplies that you have to buy are more to protect you than anything else.



At The Beginning You Will Need The Following Equipment

For Boxing Workouts With No Partner You Can Start With

Hand Wraps
Bag Gloves
Heavy Bag
For Training With A Partner You Will Need To Add

Mouth Guard
Sparring Gloves
Groin Protector (and Chest Protector if you are female................or a transvestite) :-)

That equipment above will do fine to start off with. As time passes and you want to take yourself up to the next level, you can always gradually add more specialised boxing equipment to those list.


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