Using Boxing For Self Defence

What exactly is self defence? - Well according to the legal eagles, it means that generally 'a person may use reasonable force when it appears necessary to prevent an impending injury. A person using force in self defence should use only as much force as is required to repel the attack'.........You won't deliberately go looking for confrontation with anyone outside of the ring, but having the necessary skills and confidence to defend yourself, and everyone else that you care about, does give you a lot of satisfaction. Once you learn how to box, don't ever be afraid to use your boxing techniques and self defence training either - Everyone has the basic right under law to defend themselves and employ self protection. The only time you might run into legal difficulties would be if you were to continue hammering any assailant after he had been subdued, as that's no longer self defence and has become an attack instead. As a Scotsman, i am explaining how these things would be seen under Scots Law. If you are from a different country, your local self defence laws may well differ from mine.
When someone is confident in their ability to defend themselves when necessary, this gives you great peace of mind.

Of course the best form of self defence is to make sure you stay safe and do not put yourself into a situation where you have to use what you learned during your boxing training. That isn't always possible though.

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Some Basic Defensive Advice

Self defence doesn't have to be complicated. The most important aspect of self protection is avoiding the bad situation all together. Your own self defence begins long before any attack is launched. Knowing your surroundings, being aware of who and what are around you that may cause a potential threat and avoiding them, are better than even the most advanced self defence techniques.



There Are Many Differences Between Boxing In A Ring And Fighting On The Streets

Probably the first thing you'll learn from actually hitting someone on the head without your boxing gloves on, is that you won't hit them as hard as you would in the ring, because there's a good chance that you'll injure yourself. Slamming your fist into someones face isn't a smart move as you could easily damage your hand, so when you are using your boxing sklills for self defence, it's maybe best to modify your technique, especially when you are aiming at the head.
Use your palm or a hammerfist instead. Your normal jab can become an eye jab, or lead hand palm to the nose, chin, etc. Of course you can still use the standard boxing punches if you like, just be wary that you could injure yourself as well as your attacker.

Defensively, slipping or parrying is fine, but ducking is a no-no, unless you want to risk being flattened by a knee or foot in your face.

Having studied and learnt about the boxing stance in defence, and how to move around, you'll understand that those fundamentals are vitally important and you'll be able to instantly gauge the attackers experience by the way they stand and move.

Your boxing training teaches how the stance maintains balance, you do not want to be off balance after throwing a punch, or making another self protection move. Everything in boxing happens in split seconds. Being out of balance for even a brief moment, makes you very vulnerable to your opponent or attacker.

You'll know that Keeping your hands in the proper positions - Hands must be up at all times and you must be ready to block a takedown, grab, lunge, punch or kick. The way you train and learn those boxing techniques determines the way you react in a self protection situation. Things tend to happen very quickly, and you just don't have time to analyse what you will do next.

If you don't train to bring your hands back to a defensive position immediately after every strike and just leave them out there, you will get hit and get hit Hard. If you need proof, turn on the television and watch some boxing. The fighters quickly bring their hands back to the defensive position after almost every punch they throw, to prevent themselves from being hit by a counter strike from their opponent.

Excellent physical fitness is another major benefit of boxing training. Your cardiovascular health will increase by leaps and bounds as your entire body gets used during boxing training. Legs are moving constantly, abs are twisting as you throw punches. Back, shoulders and arms are also worked non stop. Hitting the punch bags over 1000 times during an hour long class is nothing unusual. Using the speed bag for 10 minutes straight will make your arms burn.

So learning some basic boxing techniques and using boxing style training to get yourself fit and fast, is an excellent way to bocome proficient in self defence. No matter your sex, age, or level of fitness at the beginning - Anyone at all can quickly improve their self defence capabilities by learning and using some basic boxing techniques.



Self Defence Against Multiple Opponents

Stay constantly on the move when defending yourself against multiple opponents. Never let anyone get behind you, keep your weight forward on the balls of your feet and actually attack the mob rather than waiting for them to come to you. What can often happen in the case of mob attack is a 'swarm', where someone is overwhelmed by the volume of attackers, taken down, and then you are in big trouble. Using boxing footwork and straight punches in your self defence, prevents you from being grabbed, much less taken down. Just watch the hesitation in the body language of the mob as you stick and move, taking the fight to them instead of backing off.

Have a look at the video below. He isn't the best boxer in the world, but he obviously knew the basics of boxing defence and used those techniques pretty well under the circumstances. There would be a few people suffering from sore faces afterwards, and it sure wasn't him.



All the time you spend stalking a sparring partner around the boxing ring looking for a lapse in their guard, helps you on the street too. The vast majority of attackers are not normally well trained fighters so they do not guard themselves very well. This allows you to easily slip jabs over their poor guard.

In self defence situations - Your two best friends will be the jab and cross punches.

The jab is a fast and straight forward punch, and when used properly will hurt an untrained attacker. Snapping a few hard, fast, jabs can soon make the other person think twice about continuing. The cross is more of a power punch and can end things fairly quickly if you have the chance to use it. Most attackers have little or no training and make fairly easy targets. The fact they are going to be moving towards you also helps greatly, as their own momentum makes your strikes against them even more powerful.

All that time you spent learning those punches and footwork, will usually quickly make any attacker decide that you know what you are doing, so actually fighting with you isn't going to be the smartest idea in the world, so they will usually prefer to head off and find an easier victim. Most of them are cowards anyway and we all know that cowards prefer easy targets who are less likely to fight back. Using some basic boxing defence techniques will make sure that you aren't going to be the easy target that they were searching for.


Next, lets look at other places to hit. This is important as sometimes just slamming a fist into a person's face without proper safety gear can be a wee bit painful and damaging to yourself.


The most obvious target in self defence is the groin, and that's not just for men. Women assure me it is not a pleasant feeling to be kicked or low punched in the groin either. An upward blow, such as a knee strike or low kick is best, as it crushes the target between your foot and the attacker's own body........Ouch!!


Why slam your uncovered fist into an assailants hard head, when a simple strike to a much softer targe, namely their throat, can instantly cut off an opponent's breath and end the fight pretty fast. Most street thugs do not keep their chin tucked down in the way that a boxer would. That makes the attackers throat a very easy target to aim for in self defence.


The nose is a very sensitive spot for most people and makes another fairly easy target. The pain a smack on the nose generates is a great way to fend someone off, and breaking the nose of an attacker usually ends the fight fast. A good tactic is to use the heel of the open palm of your hand to smash the nose. If you are up close enough - A firm head butt to the nose, using the very top of your forehead, will soon end most fights too.

Solar Plexus

The upper abs, even when well conditioned, can make for another great target as they are tender and sensitive. A whack there in self protection will instantly take their breath away. An excellent target for an elbow strike if you're grabbed from behind.

At the end of the day, having a good knowledge of boxing techniques is the perfect form of self defence. You've learned how to strike out powerfully, while keeping yourself well guarded at all times. In other words, you know how to hit and not be hit. That's exactly the type of knowledge you need to defend yourself in those types of situations.





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