Boxing Gloves

Your most obvious piece of boxing equipment are boxing gloves, but it is important to also know that you actually need to wrap your hands before putting those gloves on. Wrapping your hands will help to protect the tendons and small bones from damage. Boxers tend to suffer more from hand injuries than any other, so those injuries are the main reason why many fighters gets sidelined. Your next step is to place your hands into the gloves. Boxing gloves come in various styles and weights. Heavier gloves are considered safer for both you and your opponent, but other glove options are available. When you put your hands into the gloves, your hands should feel comfortable and secure. Finally, fasten the velcro strips or tie the laces if applicable.
Oh and when you try a new boxing glove on for size, do not make the same mistake that many newcomers do - When you wear those gloves you will always have hand wraps on underneath, and you may find that the gloves that fitted perfectly when you tried them on an unwrapped hand, will no longer be the perfect fit you thought they were once your hands are wrapped. So always wear wraps when you try out new boxing gloves for size.
Hand Wraps
Is hand wrapping necessary?
Yes hand wrapping is 100% necessary as it helps protect your hands in the boxing ring. A full and detailed explanation of hand wraps, what they are and why the are necessary, can be found on the Other Boxing Equipment page. That page aaalso has detailed advice on how to wrap your hands properly.

Boxing Gloves

There are quite a few differences between the major brands of boxing glove. The two brands of gloves that get the most recognition for being widely different, are Cleto Reyes and Grant. Brands such as Everlast, Title and TKO are more moderate gloves that fall somewhere in the middle. The differences between these boxing gloves can make a big difference to the way you perform in the ring, and all fighters have their own favourite brand of boxing gloves.

Cleto Reyes
Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves are very popular. They tend to be known as 'puncher gloves', meaning that using these gloves is supposed to be able to make you hit harder. The main reason for this claim is that the padding of Cleto Reyes gloves are more evenly distributed than some other gloves, including being found over the wrist area. Since all professional boxing gloves must weigh the same, the redistribution of the weight away from your fist leaves slightly less padding covering your hand, and absorbing the impact of your blows. Cleto Reyes gloves are easily distinguishable from other gloves because of how small, tight and compact they are.

Grant boxing gloves are pretty much the opposite of Cleto Reyes. They have as much of the weight of the glove as possible directly over your hands, leaving you with maximum protection. These gloves are therefore often used by fighters who have injured, damaged or brittle hands that are prone to injury, as the extra padding can help avoid more injuries. Grant boxing gloves are also used by many of the more defensive boxers. The extra padding in the front of the glove fluffs up the shape of your boxing glove a bit, so this makes it a little easier to pick off shots and block or parry your opponent's strikes. These gloves can be easily spotted due to their larger size and puffier shape.
Other Brands Of Boxing Gloves
The other brands of boxing gloves are harder to tell apart from one another. Everlast, Title, TKO and others generally fall somewhere in the middle. Those boxing gloves have a more equal weight distribution and are not really geared one way or the other towards suiting punchers or defensive fighters

Sparring Gloves

Why use sparring gloves?

A pair of well padded sparring gloves, that are both comfortable and well fitted to your hands, are essential pieces of boxing equipment. At 16oz+, sparring gloves are heavier than other types of boxing gloves, so that means that they offer more padding and protection to both fighters. However, be careful when you are buying sparring gloves and try to buy the best you can afford, with good wrist support. Do not use sparring gloves on something like a heavy bag either - Sparring gloves aren't designed for that, so you will soon begin to damage them. Alternatively, do not spar with bag gloves as they offer much less protection to your hands and the other fighter. Always use the proper boxing equipment for the task you are performing in the gym.

Bag Gloves

Why use bag gloves?

Bag Gloves are another vital piece of boxing equipment and they are quite different to sparring or competition boxing gloves. Bag gloves are designed with just enough padding to protect your hands against the heavy bag. Like sparring gloves, they tend to have velcro fastening rather than laces like full competition boxing gloves. Bag gloves weigh around 10oz - 12oz and are the cheapest boxing gloves to buy, as they are usually smaller with less padding and no wrist band. As with all boxing gloves, it's usually best to stick with a well known brand of equipment that you feel you can trust. Once you purchase a pair of punch bag gloves, try them out for maybe 20 or 30 rounds to give yourself time to get used to them, before deciding if they are the right ones for you. Again, you want to buy a quality pair of bag gloves as they will be well used, and it is a false economy if you have to quickly buy a second pair when your cheap bag gloves begin to fall apart, which is often the case.


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