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Some Tips For Finding A Good Boxing Gym
If you want to get involved in competitive boxing, you need a gym that caters for that, a boxing gym that has experienced boxing trainers who have worked with fighters in the amateur and/or pro ranks.

If you just want to learn the basics of boxing and get a great workout, but have no dreams of becoming the next world champion, you might want to stay clear of the more hardcore boxing clubs. If this is the case with you, check your local health club or look for a boxing club that caters more to the workout side of the sport, rather than competition. Many health clubs nowadays have some sort of boxing programme geared toward working out, but with a non-competitive aspect.

Most towns and cities have dedicated boxing training gyms, but of course that is not guaranteed. More and more sports clubs and fitness facilities are offering boxing programmes, but as a rule are more dedicated towards fitness than competitive boxing.

A boxing gym should obviously have the basic boxing equipment, including a boxing ring, heavybags, speedbags, double-end bag, mirrors, weights etc…

All boxing training classes should have an encouraging atmosphere for learning the sport, and a legitimate boxing gym should be focused on proper technique and constant improvement. So ask around locally and look for recommendations, then head along to check out a few gyms and talk to some of the trainers. lt's maybe better to get in touch with them first as some gyms will reserve certain times or days for newcomers.

Be honest and upfront with them as to what you plan to achieve from boxing. Some people just want to workout and improve their fitness without climbing through the ropes and swapping punches with anyone. Others want to learn some boxing skills for their own self defence, while some want to take part in amateur competitions, box professionally, etc. So let them know what you're looking to achieve and have a budget in mind. Take a look around the place, check out the people using the gym and talk to a couple of them.

A good boxing gym will listen and attend to your requirements. Of course equipment is important, but a good boxing gym doesn’t need to be bulging with all the latest daft fads, have former champions as trainers, or be all high tech. It just needs to have a healthy and friendly atmosphere that emphasises solid boxing technique, which will help you to grow and improve. A good gym should be able to challenge you every time you go there, without taking you beyond your comfortable limits.

If you're planning on taking things seriously and becoming a good competion boxer, check out some local amateur boxing tounaments and see which gyms have the best ranked fighters. Then contact a few of those gyms and ask if you can join.


Be sure to remember that you will be spending a fair amount of time at the gym, so you really want to find a place that fits your needs. Do not feel pressured to make a quick decision.

If you’re searching for a pure boxing gym, your level of seriousness about the sport is likely to be high, so if you really want to learn and improve you will certainly need a boxing trainer. Your boxing workouts should be flexible to suit your ability too, and not decided by what others are capable of doing. When visiting a potential gym, always ask about the ease of getting a trainer. Find a trainer who has experience and can offer instruction on the days you will be in the gym. You certainly can shadow box and hit the bags on days when the trainer isn’t available, but hitting the mitts and receiving instruction while sparring are crucial to your improvement.

Next, do your best to find out if there are other boxers in the gym at your skill level. Finding these people is important for boxing training and sparring. Having a partner or two to push each other along and work together, will help greatly.

Finally, find out if there are professional boxers who use that gym, as in most instances, professionals will have priority over the equipment when they have upcoming fights. On the flip side, pro boxers can be useful to watch in the gym, as they show elite skill and knowledge of the sport. So if pro boxers do train at your gym, be prepared to wait to use certain pieces of equipment, but definitely watch them as they train for fights. You will probably learn a great deal from it.

For the average person who has never boxed or even set foot in a boxing gym before, the thought of attending the first time can be an intimidating experience, so just stepping through the door might be your biggest hurdle. One big misconception is that you are going to suffer a painful beating from the more experienced guys, but that just won't happen. You won't learn much from sparring with someone who is much more experienced than you are, so truth is, you won’t even be allowed into the ring to spar until your trainer thinks you are ready to make that step up, and even then it will be with someone of similar ability to yourself and under complete supervision. Don't expect to be considered ready for sparring for the first few weeks, possibly months anyway.

Boxing Gyms will charge some kind of membership fee and the prices can very greatly, but don’t just judge quality on price. There are many lesser priced boxing gyms who have great trainers and a real friendly atmosphere. Money isn't everything, so some trainers do it mostly for their love of boxing, rather than just to boost their bank balance.



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