Boxing Weight Classes

To ensure an evenly matched and fair fight, boxing weight divisions were devised and originally split into eight categories:- Flyweight, bantamweight, featherweight, lightweight, welterweight, middleweight, light heavyweight and heavyweight.

As time went on, those original boxing weight classes had others added to them until we have now reached the stage where we now have seventeen different weight divisions in professional boxing. There are slight differences in the weight classes between professional male boxers, professional female boxers and amateur boxers, so all of the possible variations are listed below.

The boxers weigh-in usually takes place the day before a fight and a boxer can undress completely if necessasry to make the fight weight. If the boxer is still a wee bit too heavy, he/she can try and burn off some weight and get re-weighed again later on. This rule doesn't apply to all boxers though. Professional boxers will be given extra time to start cutting weight and try to stay within the limit of their weight classes, but amateur fighters normally have to make their weight division limit first time and don't get any second chances.


Professional Mens Boxing Weight Classes

Strawweight (mini fly or minimum) - Under 105lb (47.6kg)  
Light flyweight - 108lb (49kg) Max
Flyweight - 112lb (51kg) Max
Super flyweight (junior bantam) - 115lb (52.1kg) Max
Bantamweight - 118lb (53.5kg) Max
Super bantamweight (junior feather) -122lb (55.3kg) Max
Featherweight - 126lb (57.1kg) Max
Super featherweight (junior light) - 130lb (59kg) Max
Lightweight - 135lb (61.2kg) Max
Light welterweight (super light) - 140lb (63.5kg) Max
Welterweight - 147lb (66.7kg) Max
Light middleweight (super welter) - 154lb (70kg) Max
Middleweight - 160lb (72.5kg) Max
Super middleweight - 168lb (76.2kg) Max
Light heavyweight - 175lb (79kg) Max
Cruiserweight - 200lb (91kg) Max
Heavyweight - over 200lb (+91kg)
Professional Womens Boxing Weight Classes
Pinweight - (101lb, 45.8kg) Max
Light Flyweight - (106lb, 48.1kg) Max
Flyweight - (110lb, 49.9kg) Max
Light Bantamweight - (114lb, 51.7kg) Max
Bantamweight - (119lb, 53.9kg) Max
Featherweight - (125lb, 56.7kg) Max
Lightweight - (132lb, 59.9kg) Max
Light Welterweight - (138lb, 62.6kg) Max
Welterweight - (145lb, 65.8kg) Max
Light Middleweight - (154lb, 69.9kg) Max
Middleweight - (165lb, 74.8kg) Max
Light Heavyweight - (176lb, 79.8kg)
Heavyweight - (over 189lb, 85.7kg)
Amateur Boxing Weight Classes
Light Flyweight - (106lb, 48.1kg) Max
Flyweight - (112lb, 50.8kg) Max
Bantamweight - (119lb, 54.0kg) Max
Featherweight - (125lb, 56.7kg) Max
Lightweight - (132lb, 59.9kg) Max
Light Welterweight - (141lb, 63.9kg) Max
Welterweight - (152lb, 68.9kg) Max
Middleweight - (165lb, 74.8kg) Max
Light Heavyweight - (178lb, 80.7kg) Max
Heavyweight - (201lb, 91.2kg) Max
Super Heavyweight - (over 201lb, 91.2kg)


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