Eating On Fight Day


By the time you reach your fight day, you should have been following a suitable diet to maximise your power to weight ratio for some time now, so most things will already be in place. The idea of the meal plan below is to provide you with adequate fuel on the day of your fight, where you have already dropped your body weight enough to compete at your fighting weight class, so you don't  have to worry about making the weight.

The last few days leading up to a boxing bout is the most important time for manipulating your diet in order to reach your personal fighting weight, whilst making sure that you still have plenty energy to perform at your very best. During the past few days, the aim was to deplete your muscles of their carbohydrate stores, then reload them with quality carbs in order to super-compensate and store more than you did before, for maximum energy. The diet for the past few days will also have consisted of regular portions of fibrous starchy carbohydrate foods like basmati rice, potatoes, pasta, cereals and sweet potatoes (yams), as well as good intakes of vegetables and protein foods like meat, fish, poultry and dairy products.

For the sake of simplicity we will assume the fight is in the evening, around 8pm (if the time is different for you, then adjust things accordingly)

The aim of your fight day nutrition is to preserve your muscle's carbohydrate stores, which have been loaded over the past 2-3 days, to keep you feeling energised for the evening's fight. It's important to avoid being bloated and sluggish in the boxing ring though, and it's also crucial not to do any significant exercise on the day before, or the actual day of the fight, to preserve your energ reserves. All you should really be doing is some light stretching and maybe taking a gentle walk. A good breakfast will get you off to a great start, and for the rest of the day you just need small amounts of protein foods, with a mixture of medium and low glycaemic carbohydrate foods, at regular intervals. Use a small amount of high glycaemic carbs right before the fight too, but use them carefully.

It is also vital for you to be properly hydrated, as a lack of fluid will be more of a limitation on your performance than a lack of energy will. An isotonic drink will help maintain your fluid balance, but so long as you are sipping water regularly all day you'll be optimising your hydration. The salt is included to help retain fluid. Lightly splashing water onto your brow before the fight is a useful hydrating tip as this will help keep you cool and reduce sweating, and hence water loss. It will also help reduce the risk of sweat running down into your eyes.

You should eat fruit and veg as well, plus plenty of fluid all day. The following fight day meal plan is a good example of what a boxer should consume on fight day in order to help you perform with maximum energy and stamina.    


 Porridge: 100g oats + 200ml skimmed milk + 2 tbsp sugar
2 slices of granary bread + low fat spread + jam

150g of chicken breast + salt

1 medium jacket potato


Lunch 1.00pm

 150g of white fish (cod / haddock / plaice) + salt

50g of basmati rice + tbsp sweetcorn

 50g of soft cheese or 100g of cottage cheese / quark

6 oatcakes

Item of fruit

 1 scoop of whey protein powder in water

6 oatcake biscuits

250ml bottle of isotonic drink

3-4 squares of chocolate

Sip water pre-fight, but do not bloat yourself
 Fight Time!!
Post Fight
 Isotonic drink


As with all the boxing meal plans, this fight day meal plan is merely a guide. Include a variety of different meats/ fish/alternatives, complex carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables every day, and drink plenty of water. Adapt the fight day meal plan to suit your own needs.


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