VO2 Max Calculator

Firstly - If you are considering starting a new fitness regime, it's always best to seek your doctors advice first. This calculator doesn't know your medical history, only you and your doctor knows that, so check with your doc before starting.
This Calculator will instantly calculate your VO2 Max for you. Just input the time it takes you to complete a one mile walk (walking as fast as you can), and your heart rate immediately after completing that one mile walk.
VO2 Maximum (Volume Oxygen Maximum) is a measure of how much oxygen a person can use during difficult exercise. VO2 Maximum is a commonly used indicator of an individual’s cardiovascular respiratory fitness level. This calculator will give you a very good estimate of your VO2 max level.
To use the calculator, first you must walk one mile as fast as you can. Upon completion, immediately measure your heart rate and record your completion time (in seconds). The calculator will use those numbers to find out your VO2 maximum score.
Over time, you will see your VO2 maximum score increase as your level of fitness improves.
VO2 Max Calculator
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VO2 Max
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