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What is Boxing? Well it's a fantastic sport to get involved with, no matter your age, sex, or current level of fitness is. Boxing is also a discipline that will stay with you for the rest of your days. You can read about the long and detailed history of boxing on that page if you like.

One major misconception is that boxing is constant attack and aggression, it isn't. Boxing is more about being disciplined and learning to have a lot self control, rather than anything else. If you lose your discipline in the ring, i can guarantee that you will almost certainly lose the bout, it's as simple as that. Of course you will need a certain amount of aggression and motivation to take part in any level of boxing, but that's the case in most other sports too. Boxing training will teach you how to control and best channel that aggression though, and that's vital. If you lack discipline and self control in the ring, i can promise that you are going to find boxing to be a real hard struggle.

When you make the decision to become involved in the sport, don't be put off by what you imagine a boxng gym to be like either. Boxing clubs are normally pretty friendly and welcoming places to newcomers, so don't fear a big queue of experienced regulars forming, all wanting to beat you senseless, as that just won't happen. Very few of them are still like the spit and sawdust, smoke filled places that you saw in the movies, plus the days of a boxing gym being an almost entirely male domain has passed by too and the vast majority of them welcome women who either want to get fully involved in the sport, or just want to use boxing style training as a fantastic workout that will undoubtedly get you fitter than you have ever been before.

There are some basic boxing techniques to learn at the beginning, but most people pick those up pretty quickly. The more you train the more you will learn, and the more you learn the more you will want to train. Boxing has a habit of getting under your skin like that.

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Spirit Is Vital
All the training in the world will not make you a champion boxer if the inner spirit to succeed isn't there.

There's no getting away from the fact that Boxing is a very demanding sport, both physically and mentally. You are all alone out there in the ring, face to face with someone who basically wants to do you harm. Your opponent will be, more often than not, just as good a boxer as you are and sometimes better. When you are tired or hurting, you can't just call 'time out' or take a step back and pause for a breather. In fact, you have to work real hard to hide that tiredness and discomfort from your opponent, or he will attempt to take full advantage of it. So you will learn how to play mind games with the other fighter, making him feel that you are as fresh as a daisy and bursting for action, when in reality you're almost wiped out and feel ready to drop.

So along with your physical workouts, you also have to work hard on the mental and psychological aspects of boxing too. You must fully convince yourself that you are a winner and have the attitude and determination to succeed as a fighter. Not everyone can manage it at first, but you will learn techniques along the way to help you do exactly that. There is a much more detailed discussion about the Physchology Of Boxing on this page.

If you do decide to take up boxing - Listen well, train hard, and always try to have fun while doing it. You won't ever regret taking up the sport.

Oh, and always remember to keep your guard up - That's your very first (and probably most important) boxing tip.

Boxing Success - What You Need

You have to be well prepared when you box, so have a game plan in mind beforehand and stick to it. Begin earning your victories by always taking steps to gradually improve yourself. Only hard work and your own determination will help you to do that.
Always remain focussed and never take your eyes off your goal. Single-mindedness and willpower are required to help you over all of the obstacles you will face.

No matter what you have achieved so far in boxing, you can always do better and achieve so much more. It is amazing what the human body is capable of achieving when pushed, so never be content with what you have and always try to improve your boxing abilities.

You have to be 100% committed to your own success as it's the only way to be the best you can be. No one else can do that part for you, you either have that total commitment or you don't.

Never do anything in boxing half-heartedly, or you will always be unsuccessful. No matter how difficult the process is, have the spirit to keep striving for that success.

Nothing worth achieving is ever gained easily, so you will have to make personal sacrifices. Never give in, and no matter how difficult it gets, always strive to keep moving forward and progressing.

There were a few signs dotted around my boxing gym that said - "Pain Is Only Weakness Leaving The Body" (but i never quite believed that piece of advice)

I think my favourite sign that i saw in a gym simply said  "Punches are like christmas - It's much better to give than to receive" (now that is a piece of advice that is so very very true)

Some Basic Boxing Advice

Learn how to become really comfortable standing just out of the other boxers reach. You need to develop the sensitivity to gauge your opponents reach and that will help you to stay out of harms way. Don't always try to stay out of the other fighters reach though, cause unless you have arms like a baboon you will find that he is out of your range too, and you need to land punches on your opponent to win.

Never ever take your eyes off the other fighter in the boxing ring for a moment, if you do, you will very quickly suffer the consequences. Learn to read his hips too. Whenever a hip comes toward you, that is often advanced warning that something is coming from that side, so be prepared to defend yourself against it.

The jab helps to make you a good boxer. Without one, you are just a puncher.

To a boxer in movement, the balls of the feet are your accelerator pedals and your heels are the brakes.

Speed of movement is very important in the boxing ring, but speed of thought is undoubtedly even more important.

Relaxation is necessary for you to attain speed, so do not tighten your fist up until your arm is almost fully extended and ready for impact.

10 Wee Boxing Tips

1. When boxing training, try to train using active rest and aye it's as simple as sounds. In between rounds or sets, instead of sitting taking a breather for a minute, keep active doing jumping jacks or running in place.

2. If active rest becomes too difficult for you, try training with shorter rest periods.

3. If you are fighting a right handed boxer, move to your right. If you are fighting a left handed boxer, move to your left. The reason for that is obvious if you think about it -  You are simply avoiding his stronger fist. Fail to do that and you are stepping straight into the other guys power punches.

4. Always keep your chin tucked in towards your chest, as it is vital to protect your chin at all cost. The chin is like a switch that can shut your legs off, so always keep that switch well covered. So a good boxing stance is one of the first things you will be taught.
5. Your eyes must never leave your opponent in the boxing ring. No matter if you are sparring, fighting, or shadow boxing in the mirror. So quickly learn to always keep your eyes on the other fighter and i cannot stress this enough. Your opponent is always looking for an opening, so make him work hard for it and don't hand it to him on a plate by taking your eyes of the guy.

6. Never turn your back to your opponent either. This may seem like a very obvious piece of advice, but a common beginners mistake is to turn away from any incoming strikes. It's a natural human reaction to do that, but one that you will have to overcome fairly quickly as you will never be able to avoid your opponents punches if you can't see them coming. Learning about defensive boxing techniques will help you with that.
7. Try to keep the fight going at your pace, do not allow your opponent to control the pace of the fight.

8. Always try to stay in the centre of the boxing ring and avoid getting trapped against the ropes or in one of the corners.

9. Keep your weight on the balls of your feet.

10. Always exhale when punching in the boxing ring, as this makes any incoming counter punch much easier to take. Getting a punch in the ribs or stomach when your lungs are full of air is no fun.



Some Basic Boxing Ring Tactics

What are ring tactics?
Ring tactics and strategies are what you will need to use when you enter the ring to face an opponent of a specific physique or boxing style. Although it is difficult to generalise on how to deal with all known styles of boxing, the following very basic tips should normally be fairly effective. Some words and terms used may not mean a great deal to you in the beginning, but they will as you start exploring the ScotBoxer site and learning more about boxing.

Basic Ring Tactics Against A Taller Boxer

As a ring tactic against a tall boxer, you will need to keep moving both ways, try to draw the lead and slip inside. Once on the inside, switch attacks from head to body. You have to take care when trying to get on the inside though, as you must be wary of the other boxers uppercuts.
Basic Ring Tactics Against A Crouching Boxer
Try not to work in a straight line against a crouching fighter, keep moving left and right, side step and work to the sides. Use straight punches while looking for openings to use your power punches.
Basic Ring Tactics Against A Persistant Jabber

You will need to keep pressure on a persistant jabber, lots of bobbing and weaving and try to slip under the his jabs. Once inside the jab, work his body with solid hooks and uppercuts.

Basic Ring Tactics Against A Heavy Hitter

As a basic ring tactic against a heavy hitter, you will need to keep constantly on the move against this type of opponent and never allow him to get set and 'plant his feet'. Launch unsuspecting attacks on him. Don't just stand still and try to trade punches, or you'll lose against a big hitter. Circle the ring and move in all four directions. Make it as difficult as possible for him to get the chance to unleash one of his big hits, or worse still, a combination of punches on you.

Basic Ring Tactics Against A Counter Puncher

When facing a counter puncher in the ring, try to force him to lead by feinting and attempt to concentrate on countering his counter. Keep him under pressure and off-balance as much as possible.

Basic Ring Tactics Against A Southpaw

Against a southpaw, as a basic ring tactic you will need to try and circle left on the blind side away from your opponents left hook. Use your own left hook to cross over your opponents southpaw lead and use your right fist on his head and body.





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