WHTR Calculator

Firstly - If you are considering starting a new fitness regime, it's always best to seek your doctors advice first. This calculator doesn't know your medical history, only you and your doctor knows that, so check with your doc before starting.
This WHTR Calculator calculates the waist to height ratio for a body size and body fat measurement, that is said to be an even better measurement than calculating BMI (Body Mass Index).

Enter in your waist size in inches, and your height in inches, to find your personal waist to height ratio.

Then use the following waist to height ratio table that takes gender into account, to see where you fit in.........


WHtR Calculator
Waist Size (inches):
Height (inches):



  • Ratio less than 35: Abnormally Slim to Underweight
  • Ratio 35 to 42: Extremely Slim
  • Ratio 42 to 49: Healthy
  • Ratio 49 to 54: Overweight
  • Ratio 54 to 58: Seriously Overweight
  • Ratio over 58: Extremely Obese


  • Ratio less than 35: Abnormally Slim to Underweight
  • Ratio 35 to 43: Extremely Slim
  • Ratio 43 to 53: Healthy
  • Ratio 53 to 58: Overweight
  • Ratio 58 to 63: Seriously Overweight
  • Ratio over 63: Extremely Obese



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