Work Out Your Daily Fat Needs

Firstly - If you are considering starting a new fitness regime, it's always best to seek your doctors advice first. This calculator doesn't know your medical history, only you and your doctor knows that, so check with your doc before starting.
This Body Fat Calculator makes it ultra simple to roughly calculate how much fat you should include as part of your daily diet.
Why do you need to eat fat?

Fats are vital to many of the body’s basic functions, especially digestion and nutrient absorption. The main form of fats that are found in food and also found in the body, makes up most of your body’s stored energy. These type of fats are called triglycerides.

When your body is at rest or performing activity of a low intensity, it generates most of its energy from free fatty acids, which are released from the body’s stores of triglycerides.

The calories in fat molecules (9 calories per gram) provide more than twice as much energy as carbs and protein (4 calories per gram). This is especially true in a glycogen depleted state, in which the body turns to fat for nearly all of its energy.

Lipids (fats) in foods transport fat-soluble vitamins to the intestines. This facilitates the absorption of of many vital nutrients such as Vitamins A, D, E and K. You risk developing deficiencies for some of these nutrients without an adequate amount of fat in your diet.

Fat Calculator
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