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Welcome to the ScotBoxer site - If you were looking for somewhere to learn how to box, your search is over. You have just found the perfect place to discover all you could ever want to know as there is a mountain of boxing and fitness information on this site, and it's constantly being added to.
1) If you are a complete beginner to boxing - The Free 12 part course of boxing lessons is a great place to start. They are very informative and packed with tips, training drills, sports nutrition and much much more, so they are an excellent first step for anyone interested in learning how to box. Simply request them and boxing lesson number one will arrive within moments. Once you see them and what the boxing lessons include, you will be glad that you did. There is also plenty other advice on the site that will get your boxing career off to the best possible start.
2) Maybe you are a boxer who has already started down the road and wants to improve? -There is plenty information on the site that will help you too. Everything from training drills to boxing nutrition and sports psychology along with plenty other things that are too numerous to mention here.
3) Perhaps you're someone who wants to learn how to use certain boxing skills as a means of personal self defence? -You could begin by reading the using boxing for self defence section and moving on from there. The free boxing lessons would certainly be of great use to you too, then you can move on from there.
4) Are you someone who doesn't want to climb into a boxing ring and swap punches with anyone, but wants to use boxing style training and workout drills to help you lose weight, firm up your body and make you fitter than you have ever been in your life? If you think you've had intense workouts before, just wait until you try a boxing style workout. Then you will find out what an intense exercise session really feels like.
5) No matter what reason brought you here, i'm sure you will find what you want on the ScotBoxer site.

So have a look at the navigation bar at the top of the pages, then click on the topics that interest you. Or just browse around and i'm sure you'll find out what you want to know.

As a welcome gift, everyone that visits ScotBoxer is offered a Free 12 Part Course Of Boxing Lessons, sent straight to your email address, just to help you get started. They are more suited to the relative beginner to boxing, but even more experienced boxer's will pick up a few tips from them too.
Each page has a "contact me" tab on the left hand side, so feel free to use it and get in touch with the site if you have any questions or suggestions.

Why did i create the ScotBoxer website?
Well i'm an ex-boxer that has gained a huge amount of experience over the years (and there's been more years now than i care to remember), who had some success in the sport and was constantly being asked for boxing advice. My free time is fairly limited, that meant helping out with coaching and training people in person wasn't really an option for me, so the best way to get around that obvious obstacle was to head off into the world of the internet and create a website, then pass on some of my boxing experience that way, so here i am. While i remember - The name 'ScotBoxer' seems to cause much confusion too. My name isn't Scot, that's my nationality, i'm Scottish.

There's already plenty information here that i will be regularly adding to when time allows, so browse around the site and start picking my brains about learning how to box.
I won't pretend that learning to box is easy, but nothing worthwhile was ever gained easily and it will involve a lot of hard work. I can help you to reach your goals, but you will have to provde the determination to succeed all by yourself.
You don't need to go down the competitive boxing route though. Many people just want to master the basics as a form of self defence, while others want to use boxing style training to greatly improve their fitness, and this site will certainly give you all the information that you need for both of those.
Boxing is an excellent sport for kids as well, they certainly won't be bullied any more, that's for sure. It also teaches youngsters discipline and will greatly improve their fitness levels. That's more important than ever nowadays as so many kids just flop around at home playing electronic games, watching TV, or messing around on social media while stuffing themselves with the worst food possible. Great fun at the time, no so great a few years down the line when all the health problems that type of lifestyle brings, starts to kick in.
Wouldn't it be much better to get them involved in a sport that will do them nothing but good? A sport that will give them a chance to channel all that endless energy that they have, in a good way? Boxing will do that.
Don't worry, you won't be sending your precious wee kid away to be beaten up at a boxing club. He or she will be well looked after and the vast majority of kids quickly grow to love it. If you have concerns, i'm happy to answer any questions you might have. Just use the 'contact me' tab on the left hand side of any page and i'll reply as soon as i can.
Remember to keep your guard up.  ;)
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